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Dairy Flavours

FoodTec Canada has been working with DairyChem Inc. developing / distributing to the Canadian market since the beginning of 2017. DairyChem Laboratories Inc. has been in the business of manufacturing natural dairy flavors for over 75 years.

Natural dairy flavours purified by steam distillation.

Wholesome dairy ingredients are cultured and fermented to develop distinct dairy flavours. We then concentrate these flavours with our proprietary technology to capture natures finest dairy flavours.

Natural dairy flavours produced by natural enzyme processes.

The flavours locked in fresh cream, cheese and butter are released and magnified through the use of specially selected, naturally occurring enzymes. The proprietary process precisely cleaves and releases the flavour components from the product matrix, to produce all natural flavour concentrations ranging from 25 to 100 times the flavour strength of the product from which it was derived.

Blended and Compounded Flavour Systems.

The basic flavours keys produced using our flavour manufacturing technologies can be custom blended to deliver the unique profile needed for specific product applications. We can produce blended flavours in liquid, paste or spray dried powder form.

Products Include:
  • Butter Flavours
  • Cheese Flavours
  • Cream Cheese Flavours
  • Cream Flavours
  • Buttermilk Flavours
  • Sour Cream Flavours
  • Starter Distillates
  • Customized Cheese Flavours
  • Blended Natural Dairy Flavours
  • Yogurt Flavours
  • Milk Flavours
  • Specialty Flavours
  • Flavour Enhancement
  • Cost Savings
  • Fat Reduction
  • Flavour Consistency
  • Microbial Control
  • Label Friendly
  • Customizable